Client Testimonials

Many firms in our space have client testimonials on their sites. It’s definitely a nice gesture (they want to make a good impression). Тhe problem is that these reviews are usually neither independent nor verified.

The companies self-publish them - and as such their reviews are likely to be hand-picked, edited or just altogether made up. You - as a potential client - have no way of knowing if those testimonials are real. Some might be but the majority are clearly produced the firms' own marketing departments.

We admit being puzzled that our competitors don’t expect you to notice this obvious sleight of hand. At TFX we won’t insult your intelligence.

We present you independent & verified testimonials.

Please note - as they are not published on our site, we have no editorial control over these reviews. Clients are free to be 100% honest and leave positive as well as negative feedback.

Video Testimonials

Some clients were so satisfied with our service that they recorded video testimonials describing their experience (usually on their mobile phones). As you can see they are real, completely unscripted and, most importantly, 100% genuine.

Text Testimonials

Below we present a selection of client testimonials left for us with TrustPilot and Shopper Approved review platforms. You can click on the link under each one to be directed to the outside web page where it was left.