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Tax Questionnaire

Unrivaled tax questionnaire technology. No Excel, Word or PDF files to complete. Responsive & smart - we only ask questions relevant to you.

Tax Questionnaire

Multiple years to file? Save time! TQ copies from year to year instantaneously.

Secure File Storage

We don’t store files with third parties. We protect you with bank-level protection - all data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

Secure File Storage

Easy access to your documents anytime, anywhere.

Live Support

Live human support 18 hours a day. Chat or call - we’re here to answer any questions if you need us.

Live Support

Sample online chat shown. Prefer a call? We're happy to do so. Give us a ring or request a callback so we can call you!

Multiple Levels of Safety

At TFX every return we prepare is checked by at least two tax professionals. This ensures that all issues - no matter how simple or complex - are inspected and best course of action for the client is chosen.

Seasoned Pros Only

We only hire tax pros with at least 10 years of industry experience - and half of our staff have 20 or more years under the belt.

No Outsourcing

All our staff are US citizens and work directly for TFX. We don’t outsource any work to third parties in foreign countries.

Flat & Transparent Fees

Our fee structure is simple & transparent. It’s posted on our website for all to see - just like a restaurant menu. You’ll know exactly what we charge before we start work on your return - no surprises in the end.

Fair Prices

Our base package covers most common forms and costs $350 for taxpayers earning under $100k (and $450 for those above).


As a US company we do not charge VAT.

The Best Client Portal

We spend an inordinate amount of time thinking and implementing ways to improve the user experience. And it shows - our system is head and shoulders above anything else in our space.

No data Stored With Third Parties

Unlike most competitors we do not store client files with any third parties - such as Dropbox, Sharefile or Box.com.

Super-easy Tax Questionnaire

No Excel spreadsheets, Word files or PDFs to complete. We use some truly advanced technology that lets us have the most complete picture of your situation while requiring least effort on your part.

We’re Here 18 Hours a Day

Our customer support and onboarding team is on standby 18 hours a day. So you are always sure to get a live human being on the phone who is ready to help.

Live Chat Support

You also have the option to speak to a member of customer support team in a live chat.

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Over 2000 Independent Testimonials

No one likes to do taxes. It's especially awful when one finds out they have not been paying taxes in the US for years because they didn't realize they had to pay them! I was in that position and was terrified!

Taxes for Expats made the process much easier. I can't imagine having to do these on my own. My tax consultant responded promptly to my questions via email and and was diligent in asking for information from me to ensure I was filing all my information properly. The online system was very straightforward and well organized.

Excellent, on third year, will continue I live in the UK and use Taxes for Expats every year. Their system is easy to follow. They respond very quickly. And great value for money. I've given their name to a bunch of people, as I once got a quote from a 'London' tax firm which was ridiculously expensive. I want everyone to know that you can get an online service (with a UK tel number if you need to talk to them) that is fantastic for a reasonable fee.
The staff at Taxes for Expats was thorough, careful, patient and professional. The website is also comprehensive and easy to use. I recommend them without reservation.
I want through the streamlined procedure and I was very happy with the Taxes for Expats service. My contact person Dennis was always very friendly and helpful. It took me some time to fill in all the data for several years but the online tools was easy to use and I got there in the end. I was happy that I chose Taxes for Expats.

I do recommend this company to anyone. Taxes For Expats did an exceptional job at preparing my 2015 income tax return. Prior to having them prepare my taxes, I did research and read many great reviews regarding this company. All of the reviews indicated that this company is outstanding - I concur. Andrew F prepared my taxes. He is professional, accurate, and expedient. He communicated with me on several occasions in order to ensure that all was in order regarding my tax return. I have recommended this company to my fellow employees.

It was a huge relief to get caught up on 7 years of unfiled taxes through the Streamlined Foreign Offshore program, and Taxes for Expats made it incredibly smooth and easy. I am so glad to have found them!
I have dealt with a few international tax accountants in recent years and Taxes for Expats has been outstanding in its professionalism, experience, friendly and patient support and very rapid responses, and all for a very moderate fee. This is my second year with them and I have nothing but praise for them. I can recommend them without reservation.
Excellent service, informative, precise and hassle free! I used TAXES FOR EXPATS for the first time to file my 2015 taxes. I moved to England and had no clue how to go about filing. TFE was the best choice. Saying goes; "there's always room for improvement". With all honesty I'm not sure where you'd find the room with TFE. The system /technology they use is superb. Never have to worry about iPad crashing or computer crashing. I used an iPad, saved every bit of information as I entered it and never had to worry about saving or forgetting to save. Dennis Fisher, CPA. and the rest of the staff were very helpful and informative. Also very patient as I had tons of questions. They made it very easy to file and it was painless and hassle free. Highly recommend TFE, will definitely use again.
After using another company for previous filing, I have something to compare against. I wish I had used Taxes for Expats previously as it would have saved me from a very negative experience with the other company (a lot of confusion, having to correct basic errors in forms and waiting about for days for answers to questions). There's been nothing like that with Taxes for Expats. I was very impressed by the quick, clear responses to queries, automated reminders of key actions, and clear guidance at each step. All in all I am very happy and will be using the company for the foreseeable future.
Taxes for expats were wonderful to work with. Always accommodating and ready to answer any questions. I could not have done it without them.
I have no hesitation in recommending Taxes for Expats to all who need assistance with their US tax affairs, regardless of where they live. I found both the system & the people to be first rate in every respect and will be using their services exclusively in the future. It isn't just that they were competent and professional; there was also a sense of genuine courtesy and kindness. My many questions weren't just answered, they were explained so that I understood the issues involved. Excellent website, excellent service, and most importantly, very excellent people.
Deirdre T
Joan P
Mark P
Elisabeth Van D
Keith M
Juliet L
Gordon S
Manny M
Lorien D
J C Melby

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Mary Ann from Italy
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Dennis from Qatar
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