Phone consultation

At TFX we appreciate that clients have different needs. That is why we offer three types of phone consultations.

Free Introductory Phone Consultation

We appreciate that as great as our website is - you might want to speak with a tax professional on the phone to discuss your situation before having us work on your case.

That is why we offer a free Introductory Phone Consultation with one of our tax advisors (up to 30 minutes).While this service is free - it requires a $50 retainer towards your tax preparation fees.


Who can order the consultation

Anybody with an account in our system can order it via a link in their Client Home area.

How to schedule the consultation:

Click ‘Phone’ in the left-hand sidebar (must be logged in)
2.PICK THE time
Pick the date / time from the calendar showing available time slots.
Pay the $50 retainer (it will show up as credit in your account).
Provide overview of situation / questions you want to go over during the consultation.

How far in advance can we schedule?

You have to order the consultation at least one day in advance. This means that you can’t just order it in an hour – as that does not leave sufficient time for us to prepare for the call.

Which questions are appropriate for this service?

This is a good option for clients who are new to TFX, plan to have us prepare their return and want to discuss their situation on the phone before we begin. For example:

  1. Deciding on optimal method of filing (how many years to file, if they should file, whether they qualify for the Streamlined Procedure, etc).
  2. How to complete our Tax Questionnaire. If any questions are unclear or you are not sure how to input certain items of income or expense.
  3. What documents may be necessary
  4. Timelines & how long the process should take
  5. How to report non-resident spouse and their income

Can I speak to someone without a retainer?
Of course!

Let's set up a call so we can explain our services and answer any general questions that are not tax specific so you can determine if we're the right fit for you.

If you have general questions about how we work, etc,t you can schedule a call with a member of customer service who can help you get started. There are a number of ways to set this up:

Customer Service Help
  1. You can call us directly on +1-646-EXPAT-US.
  2. You can request a callback
  3. Or you could email us at and we will set up a call at a mutually convenient time.

What if I have high-level tax planning questions?

If you are not looking to have us prepare your tax return, but want to discuss your situation with an expert, we offer a different venue.

The Tax Planning Service is offered by the firm's top brass. It is suited for people who are not our clients and have general questions about US taxes. It carries a higher price tag ($250 for 30 minutes) and aims to answer a different set of questions.

Any kind of tax planning or complex tax advisory should be ordered through that channel.

CPA Phone

In the course of working with us you may want to have a phone consultation with your tax consultant. Because we work on fixed-fee basis (as opposed to billable hours), we can't offer this service for free. We do, however, offer the option to schedule a 30 minute paid consultation.


Phone Consultation for up to 30 minutes with your tax consultant $100

This is the option for you if you have specific questions about your return and don’t want to discuss them by email (which is always free). We aim to price it at a very affordable rate so that most clients who want to discuss their case on the phone can do so.

Tax Planning

If you have specific tax questions that you would like to discuss with an Expatriate Tax Expert, this is the service for you.


Phone Consultation over telephone for up to 30 minutes with with TFX top brass $250

How Does It Work?

You will submit a brief overview of your situation and a list of topics / questions that you would like to discuss. A senior member of our team will review the information provided and, if necessary, request additional details.

If your inquiry falls outside the area of our expertise, or requires additional analysis, we will notify you in advance and you will have an opportunity to decide how you'd like to proceed.

You will talk via the telephone with our experts. They will answer the questions you submit as well as any further ones that might arise in the course of the consultation.

It is likely that we will ask additional questions that would allow us to provide further guidance or offer tax planning suggestions. By having an expert guide you, you will learn about issues that you didn’t even realize could be important. For now, they are your unknown unknowns.