Our Process - 5 Simple Steps

1. Register
Create an account
on our system.

This should take you about 30 seconds and provide access to the Client Area.
2. Complete Tax Questionnaire
BEST IN CLASS TAX QUESTIONNAIRE: Organized, simple to use, and interactive. Unlike other companies that would have you complete outdated PDF or Word documents, we have built a 'smart' TQ that works inside your browser.
3. Sign Electronic
Engagement Letter
When we receive your documents we will analyze your situation and draft an electronic engagement letter.

This way the client is 100% aware of the job scope and total cost before we get started.
4. Sit Back While We Work
After you sign the engagement letter we begin work on your tax return. Our normal turnaround time is fifteen business days after you sign the engagement letter.

If you have an urgent case - we can provide rush service, so please let us know.
5. Pay & Review Your Tax Return
Once you confirm that you are happy with your return we will e-file it on your behalf. Please note that in certain cases the IRS does not allow e-filing (if that applies to you, we will provide instructions how you can mail it in to the IRS).