Representation Services

Sometimes you need to have a professional liaise with the IRS on your behalf. We offer this service under a billable hour arrangement. Our fee for it is $200 per billable hour.

Examples of the tasks that fit under this service scope:

  1. Calling the IRS to inquire about refund status (estimated time 30 minutes).
  2. Request of tax transcript (estimated time 1 hour).
  3. Signing and mailing return on behalf of the taxpayer (estimated time 45 minutes).
  4. Letter to request penalty waiver (estimated time 1 hour).

Because the circumstances of each case and the time required to contact an agent may vary, we do not offer a fixed price for these services.

In order for us to start work on the case, we need to arrange the Power of Attorney (POA) form - it costs $250. The POA is valid for a year and would allow us to speak to the IRS on your behalf.